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Stuart Hall - A Commentating Icon!

by Steve 28. September 2009 07:38

Due to our loyal customers recommending Icons.com to their friends (and our great products!) we've had a really great past 12 months.  We still feel that there are thousands of football lovers out there who are yet to see all our fantastic products.  Football lovers who have HUGE blank spaces on the walls of their lounges, just waiting to be filled!

In order to reach all these soon-to-be Icons fans, we teamed up with a true football icon, the legendary Stuart Hall to record the very first ever Icons radio advert!  It was an exciting afternoon for us at Icons, and we're delighted to tell you all that Stuart was a complete gent, and as entertaining in the flesh as on the radio.

Our advert is going to be running on Talksport from today, and we'll post it here so that you can listen to the man in action!

The man in action!

Dan and I couldn't resist a shot with the man himself.

Icons in action.

And another happy customer!

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